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      Hi everyone

      I been away from here good few months and I wanted to share my experience .
      As some of you know I had a relapse after 3 months in to my recovery since than I did not gamble . I believe it’s been 4 months so far , I paid more than half of my debts and got my self in to a good debt paying habbit .
      I also been treating my self here and there . I just want to say there is a light at the end of that tunnel .
      I also would like to point out that I got rid off all my credit cards so I only use a cash card account this is the only way I can control my gambling addiction . My partner does all the bill paying and buying stuff online for me if I need to do an online transaction .
      If you are dedicated enough you will do it , there may not be a cure for this addiction but there is strategies you can use to eliminate your self totally . I done it and so much happier now wish I done it long before .
      I don’t need cards to pay stuff off as carrying cash feels so much better because you spend lees where’s when you use a card you loose track on your spending . Try it and you will see I am not making this up.
      Love to you all

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      That’s a good update to send – very encouraging. I’m so glad you are finding you can find your way into a gambling-free way of living and that you feel well in it.
      All the best wishes for your future too.

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      Great to see no gambling, you are living the gamble free life. It’s so good isn’t it to feel free from it, the obsession, the madness. Well done


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      Well done Gov. You sound so much happier . Well worth doing without cards !! A very encouraging post!

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