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    stan’s girl

    I’ve just registered on this site because the last site I was on just wasn’t working.  I joined to get help, information and support with my gambling addiction, but soon it became like a high school drama hangout.  People were having online affairs with other members, some were so negative and depressing that the conversations just became such a chore.  For me, this isn’t helpful.  So I need a new place to be.  I don’t want to spend hours on end chatting online listening to others gossip.I want balance…let’s hope this helps with that.
    I made a decision to do something about my gambling a little over a month ago and it’s been going pretty good.  I’m learning so much and I’m happier than I’ve been in many years. I work on honesty every day and am learning about mindfulness and paying attention to my thoughts and feelings.  I’m also learning about boundaries and trying to put those in place (hence this new website).
    I enjoy jotting down my thoughts…it’s very theraputic.

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