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    It’s a shame you closed your thread Jayson. After all sharing our thoughts with each other is a way we can all learn from one another. This being an open forum is a place for us all to share, not everyone will agree with one another and I don’t think it is appropriate for anyone, users or staff, to force opinions or brainwash anyone. In my mind I do not think this happens, although I think I might have been on occasion accused of trying to preach to others.
    Let me give you my thoughts on your thoughts;
    "The brain is always ticking, looking at others thoughts reading others here….i recently heard some1 say, GA is the only way followed by if you do not attend meetings you are not in recovery. To me i find this very small minded and i guess tuneel vision. My idea of recovery is everyone is different so what may work for one may not for another”
    I don’t know who said that Jayson, but whoever did obviously believes it to be true and they are only expressing their own opinion, based on their own experience. However I also think the statement is very wrong and could be damaging to some users. Just because you attend GA dosn’t mean you are in recovery. And likewise just because you don’t go does mean you are not. I do agree with you what works for one may not work for another. I am great advocate of talking about personal issues and feelings, since I started doing this my own recovery has come on leaps and bounds, I was so astonished that I had finally found something that works for me I thought everybody should do it, (incidentally I still do!) and I suppose to some extent I was guilty of forcing my opinions on to people.
    “Im not saying GA didnt help me as it did,but i choose not to go back,but some commenting that im not in recovery because i dont is not right”
    Well it is right for them to say it if that’s what they believe. I don’t think it is factualy correct but that is my opinion, and that was theirs….Can I ask why you chose not to back? Just seems a bit strange if it did help you, I am not a regular at GA in fact haven’t been for a few months by the way. And I can tell you and the person who said that to you that I am firmly in recovery. However I know for many people GA is critical to their recovery, the way talking and counselling is to me.
    "One main barrier that I hope everyone has in place is attending GA meetings. The only place I hear what I need to hear is in a GA meeting. At least once a week I am reminded that if I stop going to meetings I will eventually gamble"
    I would have tried to stress to that person that what we all need to hear is right here on GT aswell, but at the same time we are all virtual people here, at GA we have the opportunity to share face to face, we can hold real time conversations without the danger of our words being mis-undersstood. What we need to hear is available 24/7 right here.
    “I dont want to work at recovery or do the just for todays or the 12 steps….i spent many years where gambleing controlled my life, i dont want to spend another 20 years being controlled by recovery. Instead i want to live my life and spend time with my family and freinds…i rember before…carnt go out because ive spent up betting that for me cannot change into, i carmnt go out cause im in recovery and must go to a meet.”
    It sounds to me like you want a quick fix to a complex addiction. You will have to work at recovery in order for it to work for you (my opinion). If you believe you can be in recovery without going to GA, then you would never have to say, “, i carmnt go out cause im in recovery and must go to a meet”. Being in recovery isn’t about going to meetings and keeping to tight schedules, therapy maybe, but not recovery. Recovery is about exactly what it says on the tin. Recovery; Recovering from a hell of a life created by your gambling addiction. How you do this is up to you. Hopefully some of things you read in this forum will help you discover what works for you.
    Recovery dosn’t interrupt my life, it only enhances it.
    "My recovery works for me now, my work has been done"…. In all honesty mate I think you are sadly dis-illusioned with this one. What work has been done in the last 5 weeks that you think has put you in stead for the rest of your life.?
    ……..CLOSED TOPIC…i wont be made a mockery off for any one, Views are one thing BRAINWASHING is another !
    Maybe a brain distorted by many years of compulsive gambling needs to be washed!
    I think this shows an insecurity in you mate, paranoid that people are making a mockery of you, maybe something you could work on.
    I have had to re-write this bit. According to your posts the last time you gambled was in May, and I had written that whatever you are doing you must be doing something right so why bother changing. However you said in chat earlier it was last month when you last gambled, so I think you might want to consider changing somethings to help you.
    Take care.
    I did gamble. But I dont now; because recovery IS priceless!!
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