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    Gambling.. God i wish i had a better adiction this is the worst i swear. Everytime i have money i just need more i can’t stop. Money seems to lose value, it’s never enough. A couple months ago i had saved nearly 600 euros to buy something nice for myself guess what, throw it away gambling, now i had put together 200 just to build some wallet guess what today i lost it. I’m 18 studying (or atleast trying) and nothing seems to go right. When i get money for me it’s never a good amount, i think of all the things i want and all the money i need. Surely im depressed and just want to vanish.. Will have a friends dinner next week and the money i had to go its gone with my stupid addiction. Is there hope for me in this world?


    Hi Golden Luck. I have replied to this on your thread in the My Journal Forum. The Meeting Place forum is primarily to let people know when you are going to be in any of the live “Open Groups”.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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