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      hi everyone being gambling years now i have give it up few times mostly short times longest was one year after i hit rock bottom and got in two 20000 euro of death ,then i give it up for over one year i have paid back allmost 13000 now down two 7000 left and i have saved 4ooo euro in the bank so life was great on till me and my friend started going playing pool right next door two the bookies he like two bet small on football he would say come in for a min and ill place 5euro on football so i did this was every night we go for game pool so i started betting small putting on small bets like 5euro i was able two control it then i won big 33to1 winner after that i was back started winning what a buzz but it didnt less long before i new it i was loseing 500 euro aweek and my 4000 euro i hard saved so hard for was gone in 3 weeks and now i want two stop and have a happy life for me and my family so i here looking for help

Viewing 0 reply threads
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