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      I have never done any of these before, but I am at rock bottom–my husband is a gambling addict. He is in treatment, but is not stopping. He is still in denial, I think he only goes to the psychiatrist to manipulate me into believing he wants to stop. We are very fortunate that his excessive sports gambling does not burden us financially, but it is taking its toll on me. I am tired!! I am sick of being lied to and worrying that every time I ask him about his gambling I will be lied to. It comes so easy to him now and it feels like a knife in my gut. I deserve more and I don’t want our kids to grow-up with this.
      Where has my amazing husband gone? Why is this disease threatening my family? How do I help him fight it? I pray to God everyday for answers and strength. I read books, articles, see a psychiatrist who specializes in this addiction and I am supportive of my husband and his struggles, but I feel alone and defeated.
      Just today he looked me in the eyes and lied about it. When I discovered the truth he got angry… like I was the one lying. He even lies in therapy!! I feel like every time he opens his mouth (regarding gambling) he lies! We are Christians, this is NOT okay. We are parents, we are responsible adults, this is NOT okay. Everyone in his family gambles, so he sees this as normal. WTH?! :'(
      I’m rambling now. I’m just lost… frustrated and afraid.
      Any advice is appreciated. :)~~Life is a journey, not a destination.~~

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