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      My resolve to stop gambling is stronger than my “want” to gamble. Thus, I have made a decision this morning to not gamble. I have been out of control with my gambling, and I feel beyond defeated. Today, I’m going to embrace the urges and refuse to give in to that lying voice in my head.
      No gambling today.

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      I’m still here. Attended my 2nd meeting since my clean date. I have really focused on making positive changes in my life, rather than worrying/focusing on my next game to wager on. No longer chasing the action. It feels good but it’s still definitely a struggle.
      Wanted to check in and I hope all of your are doing well!
      Lets do this!

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      CraigMac6 –

      Wishing you success on your journey. As you said it is a struggle. I look forward to hearing your updates.

      I personally am now on my millionth new day but just re-installed a gambling blocking app on my phone and deleted all gambling-related apps.

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      Hi craig!

      I’m on day three and I installed Gamban on my phone which makes me feel more confident. I have about 50 euro left in my bank account from all the gambling which makes me feel sick. I have some money in cash.

      It’s the online slots that get me every time, I keep thinking I’m going to win big but it never happens. I have won at times but I just keep playing, it doesn’t even register, the win, that much.

      Glad you’re here.

      I’m happy to be free for now, but I’m worried ill become tempted again. Im thinking of attending a meeting just to cover my bases but I’m not sure I want to be a member of ga. I’m already a member of another group and I just feel like the ultimate loser for failing to control myself. I just can’t control my spending on gambling. I’ll be paying back debt for months to make up for the damage I’ve done.

      Sooo I suppose I’m done with it, I can’t access any of the casino site with my phone now due to gamban so I’m feeling more confident but worried.

      This is a disaster, I never expected myself to be in this position.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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