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    Dear GT, as you suggested I am starting a new thread but wanted to report that some innocent words like counting, times, cooking in my old thread have been censored ********. I’m not sure if this has already been addressed, but in hopes of moving forward with using the new Forum section, I am sending a plea on behalf of all frustrated users. Please don’t let the new auto censors continue changing the meaning of our posts indiscriminately.


    I completely agree Sirena. The censor overkill issue made me the angriest when the site finally came back up. I couldn’t even understand some of my own posts! I so wish I had thought to copy my whole post before it went down.

    Some other words that are replaced with asterisks :
    ***, need, ****, fear, drug, *****, matter, stole, ***, mood, alcoholic, cheat and one of my favorite words in the English language … ****.

    My thoughts were, “Is the ‘new tone’ of our website with it’s ‘come on in to our pretty site’ attitude going to be such that we can no longer use words that might, IN ANY WAY, be perceived as offensive? Will we be expected to make all of our posts pleasant and only talk about things in a pretty way now? (‘cos there ain’t nothing pretty about this disease!)”

    I sincerely hope this is just a temporary glitch that stems from using some generic addiction model software or something and they just haven’t gotten it modified yet.

    TO GT:
    1. Is the censorship an intentional attempt to lighten up the tone of the website?
    2. If it is, do you think you will “lighten up” on the censorship?



    Hi everyone, thanks for feeding this back. No it wasn’t intentional or an attempt to change the tone on the forums, we want this community to be a safe place for you to express yourselves. We don’t want to censor you, unless what someone has written is likely to hurt someone else of course. We’ve hopefully fixed this problem. Do let me know if you continue to notice ***s where they shouldn’t be!!


    Hi Guys

    Just to add to Katie’s reply. We’ve now cleared the black list, unfortunately this does leave us slightly open to abuse, over the coming days ill be adding the obvious words back in due course… if anything in the mean time offends you please report it and were amend the list

    One of the greatest issues with being a global service is how a word in English may be a swear word in another country, due to this you may find some words are excluded from your thread, if this is the case can you pop onto the helpline where were do all we can to rectify the issue

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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