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    I’m Sean, 24 and about 30 minutes ago I lost £500 on the roulette machine in the bookmakers which I had won last night. This has been a common occurrence but not quite to this scale for about 6 years, gradually as my wages have gone up so have my stakes and consequently my losses.
    I currently have a good job after being at university and take home around £3-3,400 a month. My outgoings on this are no more than £1,000. Yet i find myself a week after payday with barely enough fill my car up enough to go to work and end up borrowing money to go out. Why? Roulette machines. Essentially, I started gambling when I went into a bookies with a friend when i was still in sixth form. I was shaking putting £5 in worrying about losing it. I won, and the rest is history. Generally, I have had control and have known when to walk away and not chase etc. However, in the past 6 months it has gone progressively worse. I have staked more and more and I’m not happy unless I’m winning hundreds and hundred, but instead i lose hundreds and hundreds. It is like my brain switches off in there and i do not worry about the consequences I am just chasing that big hit and win, then the second I leave reality hits and I’m angry for an hour maximum and I just tell myself “Oh I can just lend a few hundred off the lads till payday.” Now instead of saving for a house I am dipping into the savings to cover an addiction I have only recently come to terms with having.
    Any comments/advice/criticism welcome.
    He who dares wins

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