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    I am a married mother of two who is destroying my family with compulsive gambling. I started out gambling at the local casino just every once in awhile not spending much money. I now am spending every weekend there and spending most of my weekly pay. My gambling choice is slot machines. I seem to just keep chasing that one big hit. I have tried several times to quit going and each time I fail. I have tried telling myself I will only take a certain amount of money but I always use the ATM while I am there. I have become a person that I do not like. I have lied to many people about my problem and have put a huge burden on my marriage. I have found myself thinking more and more about suicide however I only have these thoughts when I have just left the casino and have disappointed myself and my husband by spending far too much money. I have spent bill money on gambling and as of right now we are in jeopardy of losing our house because of my gamling addiction. I can not stand the person I have become and I know that I have to make a change now or I am going to lose everything!!A goal without a plan is a wish!

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