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      My mom has gambling issues. I started to realize it about 6 or 7 years ago back when i was in grade 11 or 12 at the time. She would be gone weird hours and she was just angry all the time and took it all out on my brother and I. She blamed everyone else for her issue and that we all had issues.
      I am so angry with her for everything she has put me through. I am 40,000 in debt because of her. Originally my parents were suppose to pay for my schooling and she gamble 40,000 loan my dad had set aside for my schooling and had multiple line credits we did not know about. Eventually my dad was in so much debt they faulted on 30,000 student loan which now im resposible for and bailed on my last year of university a week before tuition was due. I had to reach out to uncle to get loan so i could finish my bachelor degree and now im in 40,000 in debt because my mom gambling. She gambles my dads money he works hard for, gambles mortgage payments. She out late til 6 am sometimes, says she sleeps over at friends when she really is not. She always asking to borrow money. She drove 2 hours without telling me to borrow money when i was living away, she like i know you have a line of credit and i spent dad motrgage payment helping a friend , when really it was gambling” she wanted 1500 from me. I refused and confessed everything to my father and since then our relationship changed. I am so angry all the time, she lies, she steals money and jewllery from the house thats not hers. She sold all her jewllery and blamed that my brother friends stole it, she returns all the gifts we buy her for christmas and birthdays. I am so stressed since i moved back home because I have no money and trying to start a career.
      I dont know what to do, confronting her makes her angry and she says everyone has issues and she has control of hers. She done group and counselling, it has not worked. She signed out casino and she still sneaks in. I am at point where i want to do family and friend intervention. I cant live being stress and angry all the time, people near me are sick of me complaining of issue and i cant afford therapist….I dont know what to do. My parent are going to end up seperating because of it and Im scared what will happen.

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