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      colin in brum

      This site is always busy at this time of year.  Some come looking for a magic wand to solve their problems before Christmas, others come because at this time of year particulary it can hurt being an addict.  It hurts not being able to buy presents, seeing others have a good time when we can’t afford it etc  I had many Christmases like that and it was shortly after New Year that i first went to GA so I know how it feels.
      That pain will fade though, we get paid again and we get a stake together.  The urges will come.  It’s the actions we take NOW that determine what will happen then.
      So, if you’ve recently signed up here, if you’ve just had a crappy holiday period (likely not for the first time) you have a decision to make.  Take some of the tough steps required to tackle a tough addiction now, today and life will get better.  Or you can just wallow a bit while it hurts then wait for the pain to fade and the urges to come.  If thats what you do then next Christmas will likely be the same, or worse than the one just past.
      So, if you’ve just had a crap Christmas – decide what are you going to DO to make sure the next one will be better.
      This post isn’t intended to offend anyone, just make them think.  I know not everyone is just looking for a magic wand.  Unfortunately though a lot of the new members won’t still be here by this time next year, many of them might have stopped posting before Easter!  I posted similar last year and just took a look now, sure enough most of the posters then have disappeared now.  If only ONE of the new members now is still here enjoying next Christmas and focussing on their recovery then make sure it’s YOU.

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