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      I have seen a lot of new names in the forum lately and met some of you in the groups.  Hi.


      We always get a lot of new members at this time of year, it’s the same at the GA meetings that I go to.  The pressures of Christmas very often bring financial and other issues to a head and peole look for help.


      The bad news is that if you are in trouble now on the 12th December then I’m afraid this Christmas might not be the best.  No magic wands here or anywhere else of course.


      We always talk about taking things one day at a time.  It’s important and it works.  Anything else can be daunting for a compulsive gambler.  Having said that though, the actions you take now, the things you do one day at a time now, will determine what future Christmases and life in general will be like.


      So, stay focussed, keep posting, use all the support you can.  If I haven’t met yet then pop intop a group sometime and say hi.

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      Hi, I am new to this forum, It has been 2 days since I gambled. I really need help I can’t stand living this pathetic existence. I’ve lost the trust and respect from all of my family especially my husband. I’m not looking for help to make them happy, I’m looking for help to get myself happy and figure out what is wrong with me. Gaining back the trust and respect of my family will come but I know not for a long time. Too much damage has been done. I am happy to have found this site. I’m hoping after I start getting better I can be of help to others in need.

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      Hi Bodeni61

      I was sorry to hear about your situation and I know people here will be eager to support you so can I ask you to copy and paste your first post into your own thread? You do this by creating a new topic and the button for this is at the bottom of each forum.

      If you do this people will be able to find you more easily 🙂


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      Look around the forum now, lots of new members, some returning members.

      Again this always happens at this time of year; reaching rock bottom at Christmas, New Years Resolutions etc etc

      Time will pass though, the pain will fade, new members will disappear. Unfortunately this happens every year too. People use support to stop gambling and then unfortunately forget that we should keep using support to maintain our recovery, to stay stopped. Is that going to be you?

      Keep posting and if only one of the new members is still here and telling us about a successful recovery this time next year make sure it’s YOU.

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      I’m glad this decision is not a New Years resolution. I always break them. On December 29, my last day of gambling I really messed up financially. My husband had go take out a loan to fix my mess. Sometimes I think he enables me by not getting mad at me outwardly and cleaning up after me.

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      ever ask yourself why he might be enabling you Bodeni??

      Chat opens in approx 40 minutes
      Better if you stick to writing on one thread
      Otherwise it can be confusing
      Like playing 3 slot machines ! lol!

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