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      Look around the forum now, lots of new members, some returning members.


      This always happens at this time of year; reaching rock bottom at Christmas, New Years Resolutions etc etc


      Time will pass though, the pain will fade, new members will disappear. Unfortunately this happens every year too. People use support to stop gambling and then unfortunately forget that we should keep using support to maintain our recovery, to stay stopped. Is that going to be you?


      Keep posting and if only one of the new members is still here and telling us about a successful recovery this time next year make sure it’s YOU.

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      I read your comments and was inspired to really make 2016 the year that I change my life. This problem has been with me for over 40 years and if I do not succeed this year then it will never happen. I check the forum every day and it helps me to understand that other people are in the same position that I am and that helps me a lot. I shall certainly be here this time next year and hopefully with a good story to tell.

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      Just thinking back on all the Monday nights I stayed focussed and came straight home to check into your 9pm group, Charles to report my “success”, like a child running home from school to say she got ten out of ten in a spelling exam. Sounds silly but for a CG it’s a great prop to know someone is interested. Also when Cathie ran this group, (Hi, if you’re still around, Cathie!) I would be finishing a 12 hour shift and driving home exhausted only to find the car indicator “automatically” leading me to the exit for the casino to unwind and instead I would shake myself and act accountably, knowing that there would be someone to unwind with in a more healthy way.
      Maybe I was fooling myself.
      Was this another illusion?
      Maybe we become too dependent on groups, when in reality nobody can take a step for another person. It’s up to each individual to look out for him/herself.
      All good things come to an end so thanks Charles (and Cathie). I want you to know you saved me thousands in money, not to mention the grief and stress I was spared by your presence.
      See you and others soon in a non verboten group hopefully!
      Best wishes to all new members!

Viewing 2 reply threads
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