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    I am not sure whether it is me or GT who have miscounted , but there is a post stating there are fourteen facilitated groups . This is right at the start of the forums and either it is misleading or I am doing something wrong as I can only count one group specific to those with gambling addiction that can be attended by those gambling longer than a year (new members can attend that also!)

    There are two groups for new members who are here less than a year ( I take it there is research to support that a year is exactly the length of time people need extra support and this decision wasn’t someone’s whim -what if they need extra support for twelve months and one day?).

    If I have got it wrong I would appreciate if someone could explain to me . I feel GT staff have a responsibility to check their posts and ensure they give up to date information -it takes minutes to check over and amend a post .


    Many thanks I did it, I have posted an amendment.


    I am new this site. Pretty much everything in my life is falling apart because of my gambling

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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