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    Our site has changed as old members know

    I wish we had changed long ago!


    The lags, the boots, all those gremlins

    As we struggled with our connections!


    I know it’s hard to be faced with changes

    The different layout, the different pages


    But look again and you will see

    That same message of recovery


    The Forums, The Groups, the Helpline too

    Are all there to support you.


    The Forums where you can share

    With people who can relate and care


    Write the words, talk the talk

    That’ll help you go walk the walk


    Groups to join where you will meet

    Friends new and old, come take a seat


    Gamblers groups for guess who?

    Community where all can join too.


    Maybe come and discuss a Topic

    For Friends and family we can provide a tonic


    Want to talk more one to one?

    Click on Helpline, it can be done


    All these things and email too

    Send one in and we’ll reply to you


    So changes yes but it’s not all bad

    Come on in, there’s support to be had! 



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