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    Gambling freeeeeeeee, gambling freeeeeeeee,
    Can this ever really be meeeeeeeeee

    Tis a short song doesn’t have to be very looong
    But all I know is…….I long to beeeeeeee
    Gambling freeeeee gambling freeeeeeeeeee
    Hoping and praying that someday that can be meeeeeeeeeeee

    I have tried to do it with no one on my siiiide
    But time has come I have to admit I neeeed you to
    Walk with meeeeee, cos I really neeeed to beeeeeee

    Gambling freeeeeeeeee gambling freeeeeeeee
    How about you and meeeeeeeeeee
    Gambling freeeeeeee gambling freeeeeeeee.
    It’s a shame you don’t know my name
    But we’re all the same , people who long to beeeeeeeee
    Gambling freeeeeeeeee gambling freeeeeeeeeee
    (Sung in any Keeey, just as long as we remain
    Gambling freeeee gambling freeeeeee
    ( repeat chorus over and over over and over )

    We mustn’t forget all we need to doooo
    To live a life not feeling bluuuue
    Is …….. To beeeeeeee
    Gambling freeeeeeeeee gambling freeeeeee.


    I sang this in my head to a really good beat .. Love it!!! Coolest thing ever!!


    I worked out what my tune was now, it was the wombles , The wombles of Wimbledon common are we , wombling freeeeee
    underground overground, my girls are so embarrassed by me as I just cant help myself every time I ever visit London I start singing it, it just happens x Prob I have now is my new words and I just start singing it wherever…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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