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      These are my own personal thoughts at this time of year.

      We get a lot of new members at this time of year; both in the run up to Christmas and again in the New Year. The same thing happens at the Gamblers Anonymous meetings I go to. The reason for this is pretty clear – people can’t afford the presents and parties, debts catch up with them, they can no longer hide things, New Years resolutions are made etc

      So, if you are reading this as a new member, it’s got you to the point where you are looking for help so great. Now what? Well now you have a choice. The festivities will pass, the pain will fade, you will get paid again and not have the presents to worry about. It’s the new members who hang around then who will have most chance of success. Hang around and you wil see a lot of the new names disappear, it’s a tough addiction and not everyone wil want to take the tough steps needed. When I say “disappear” I mean disappear for NOW – they might be back next Christmas still unable to buy presents etc

      Using this site and/or GA or other support likely won’t make this holiday season a good one – no magic wands here or anywhere else. Using support though, TODAY, and then contiunuing to do so, will be what makes future Christmases better.

      So hang around, and if only ONE of the new members we get at this time of the year is still around and posting this time next year about what a great Christmas they are going to have – make sure its’s YOU!

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      Hi. I am a new user. I am losing control. Been gambling since 4 years now online on cards poker. And i cant control it anymore. And i dont know what to do. I can go 7-8 days without gambling and then i relapse again. Today i lost the max money in one day ever. I feel helpless. Its like i have 2 minds inside me. One says to stop and the other one stays to gamble

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      Hi Ineedhelp.

      You can stop I promse yopu.

      OK, this time in 7 – 8 days when the urges return you can already be excluded from your usual sites – do that now, today, before the urge return. There are also blockers you can install which will stop you being able to register at other sites.

      This time in 7 – 8 days you can put things in place so that you don’t have that easy, instant access to funds with whch to gamble. What accountability can you put in place?

      This time in 7 – 8 days you can be postiung here, you can be connecting to teh groups, you will have the option of hopping on the helpline to talk about things.

      This time in 7 – 8 days you might already have attended your first Gamblers Anonymous meeting or connected to other support.

      Read the other stories here, you will see a lot that you will relate to. You will also read the succerss stories – what are they doin that you can apply to your own situation?

      Keep posting and let us know the positive actions that you are taking. Hopefully I will see you in a group here soon as well.

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