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      I am 34 years old from New York.  My life is in ruins.  I’ve gambled my life away.  I got a Corporate job out of college and moved up to being a manager.  I started gambling without too much consequence at the age of 21.  I went to casinos every few months and lost a few hunderd dollars here and there.  My gambling went out of control when online poker became very popular and ESPN started promoting Chris Moneymaker in 2003.  I started playing poker online.  I’ve lost approx $150,000 to online poker.  I stopped playing online poker about 3 years ago, but then started betting on sports online.  I think I lost another $40,000 to sportsbetting.  Then last June, I said I just need to gamble and play poker live.  I quit my job and cashed out my 401k.  I took $40,000 and lived in Vegas trying to make it as a poker pro.  Well, I had no dicipline and lost all my money to craps and sports.  I got my tax return of $3,000 last month and tried again to make it as a poker pro in Atlantic City, but I lost the money on craps and horses.  I just have no control.  I went homeless and was surviving on my "diamond card" from the casino for food.  I was sleeping at the casino bus terminal.  Two days ago, I got enough desire to come back home to mom and dad and try to start all over.  I was suicidal and hopeless when I was was homeless in Atlatic City. 
      So, I’m here on this forum now….trying to get some help.  Any suggestions would be most appreciated.I will try

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