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    What a crazy world we live in… I am in my mid twenties. After the death of a close family member I turned to gambling as a way to sit and think about everything. I don’t have many friends and it seems as though the older I get, the harder it is to find good people. I cant afford therapy, ironically. What scares me is the panicky feeling I get when I leave the casino. It is like I have some sort of nervous breakdown inside over the amount of money that added up. When I started I felt bad losing forty bucks. That grew into losing like 600 over a months time. Meanwhile, I feel empty yet captivated waiting for the next bonus on the slot machine which is usually worthless anyways. I am not in debt yet, but I feel this out of control feeling coupled with anxiety and depression. I would not cause myself any type of harm. I haven’t told family members and I would prefer to keep this to myself as I feel I can regain my strength and fight through this. I think it will help to turn to this site and talk to people whenever I feel the urge to gamble. Any advice is appreciated…thanks Believe In the power of yourself

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