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      I’m Dana.  I am married to a compulsive gambler. I found out about three years ago that he was gambling (he would not show up for family gatherings, not answer his phone and leave in the middle of the night) and we have been trying to work through it ever since.  At first he said he could control it himself, I had no idea the type of hell I was entering… it came to a point that I wasn’t sure if the bills were getting paid, I found out that he wasn’t paying the mortgage on our house (we lost it) and I was never sure when I came home from work if we would have utilities (he was supposed to be paying things like water, lights) so in February of 2010 I moved out. We didn’t speak until June 2010, he admitted he had a problem and agreed to go to Gambler’s Anonymous.  
      We still live apart but he had been giving me his money and I was giving him an "allowance" until recently.  The last time he gave me money was November 24, he told me he wasn’t making any to give me.  I  bought that for awhile (he did not have a steady job at that point) but the week before Christmas he grew very distant, didn’t come see me like he used to.  I just had a "gut" feeling that perhaps he was gambling again.  Christmas eve we had an arguement (about our children) and I haven’t seen him since.  He won’t answer my phone calls or texts, even though two of his children live with me. 
      This is just so difficult… I can’t figure out if he just doesn’t love me anymore or if he is again in his addiction.  Today would be his 90 day anniversary…… I honestly don’t know if he made it.  His addiction makes me feel like crap.
      I am happy I found this website, I’m not sure I really know how to use it, but hope that I can find others in similar situations.
       — 1/2/2011 4:15:00 AM: post edited by dana123.

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