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      Wow, its a new year! what better than to make a statement for the new year never to cg again. It has been a while since I have logged in. Last time I was here I think I was around the 6-7months mark of being cg free. Unfortunately around October I slipped up and found myself back at the casino. I got so angry at myself for going back especially after being clean for so long. Because of my slip up I got behind in my loan payments which I am slowly catching up to now. I had to make a decision that I was going to accept my stuff up and move on from there. I know if I hadnt accepted my mistake I would still be stuck in that moment slapping myself on the head for sheer stupidity.
      As I said its a new year with new opportunities. Hope you are doing well and hanging in there. It really is a one day at a time process. I have been clean for a couple of months now and loving life more than ever before. Honest truth is I havent even thought about cg. I have just been focused on working and getting my house in order. I have big plans this year to travel to the states and I wont let anything like cg get in my way.
      I dont get much chance to jump online here. I would love to know how everyone is going. I am also open an willing to chat with anyone in private who would like to talk.
      You can find my email at my blog:
      Chin up and stay strongOnly a fool plays a fools game

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