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    So, whos’ going to make a New Years Resolution not to gamble?  Now, how many times have you made that one before?!  I know i certainly made it lots of times, it never lasted very long into January though, rarely even passed the first weekend!

    This year how about making some different resolutions?  Or maybe additional ones?  Rather than a resolution about what you won’t do, gambling, you can make a resolution about what you will do?  Maybe Resolve to post here daily/weekly?  Get yourself banned from where ever it is you normally gamble?  Get to GA meetings?  Put barriers in place?  That sort of thing.


    I once heard that the best resolution to help someone diet isn’t to stop eating snacks, it’s to resolve eat an apple between meals.


    So please, post your New Years resolutions here.  What positive thigns are you going to DO?


    For 2014, I intend admiring the money I have “accrued” which is presently in my current account in the Bank, until I decide how much to use to pay off part of my existing debt and then I will decide where and how to invest the remainder, so that it is out of reach should I ever get the urge to push it into a slot machine…odaat!


    I intend to “move” the money from my current account by January 9th/10th to a safer place where it will be out of my reach. I need to get financial advice before I make this move!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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