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      Hi there.
      In life i have become a loaner..
      Never realy had money..
      An mates did, so i could’nt do much with them..
      Slowly lost contact over time..
      Anyways.. almost 2 years ago my mum died of cancer..
      But just afterwards i met a great woman.
      Loved all my time with her, but didnt want to croud her…
      Wanted her to have space..
      Mhen wasnt with her i didnt know mhat to do, so i playd bandits..
      Took mind of being alone and loss of mum..
      This went on for over a year.. i never had ££ to do anything with her, which i hated myself for..
      Lost her threw this..
      We recently split.. she dumped me.. i 2nt handle it and recently have just wasted all my saved ££ trying to hide, playing bandits..
      Family are aware of my problems..
      I need help..
      Or i am going to do something stupid..

Viewing 0 reply threads
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