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    It is almost six years since I first joined GT.

    When I got a response from a member called Lee.




    He gave me advice I will never forget,

    Lee told me, in brief to POSTPONE MY NEXT BET!



    Help came from all quarters as if from the heavens,

    And I opened a thread which I called “ALL THE SEVENS”!


    New people called Judy, Colin and Pam  

    Helped me to embrace the CG I still am!


      I just wanted to gamble, but due to huge debt,

    I knew in my heart I would live to regret,



    If I did not take measures to follow the path,

    That leads every gambler away from the wrath



    And the hurt and the pain that our habit inflicts

    That some call “addiction”and others a “fix”;



    A “buzz”, an ” escape”, “entertainment” or “thrill”

    It comes without warning to say “GAMBLING CAN KILL!”


    In the depth our our souls many CGs are dead

    We just learn how to function as “zombies” instead!



    To untrained observers, a CG is a “Yup”,

    But inside GT Rooms, the “real me” stands up!


    My then new found freedom brought bliss and relief

    From the stress caused by “slots”- my “mechanical thief”


    I swore and I promised, said “never again”

    (But CGs forget, when relieved of our pain.)


    “One day at a time”turned to weeks, then to months

    ‘Til the “Monster” revealed some new deep hidden “stunts”,


    Like complacency, urges and memories of wins,

    In an effort to lure me back to my sins.


    So armed with “good luck” and a bullet proof vest

    I returned to the scene of the crime to invest


    Thousands and thousands of hours, cash and sweat,

    Until I forgot to Postpone my Next Bet…..


    So, today six years later I’m asking again,

    at Recovery Crossroads, Was Lee’s advice in vain?


    The future is looming, the past has fast flown-

    To gamble or not is a choice we all own.


    Tools words and poems don’t really matter a jot

    Today and Now are all we CGs have got.


    So just  to please Charles, I’m penning these words

    If my actions belie them, they are just “for the birds!”


    Here’s hoping this poem has a knock on effect,

    To all who may read it, take time to reflect!


    If gambling is calling you in “just to play”.

    Remember the weight of the price you will pay!


    So now bonny Charles, I hope you are pleased

    With this heart breaking gambler whom you taunted and teased!


    The poem it is written, the request it is met,

    So all that remains is to POSTPONE MY NEXT BET!!!


    Calling you in just to play
    The weight of the price you will pay

    Great words Vera

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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