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    This is a phrase/tactic you will often hear here.  No money = no gambling.  We know this from when we lost it all in the past!  It can now be a great barrier to help us stop gambling.

    It is important to remember though that the opposite is also true – no gambling = we get money again.   We get paid again, we get allowances again, we pay down some of our credit meaning we have available credit again.  Which is the point of course but can become an ever decreasing circle if we gamble every time we get funds again.

    So if you are new to recovery, if you are stuck in one of those circles, then take actions now, while you don’t want to gamble, then things are in place when funds return.  “I’ve lost all my money so I don’t need to be accountable” doesn’t really cut it – you will get funds/credit moving forward and things need to be in place before that happens – waiting till we have money again is often too late.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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