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      Hi Everyone
      I am a 42 year old man who has been gambling for 30 years, gee when you say it, it sounds like a long time which it is. I joined your family about 4 days ago after a bad day of gambling. Once again near my wits end and feel I really have to make a change this time for good. I have said the same thing on probably hundreds of occassions but I am getting up and dusting myself off and trying again. Have to give myself 100 per cent for trying just not succeeding. At the moment I have no doubt I will succeed but like you all out there I have times where I doubt my ability to beat this problem.
      I have family to consider and my own mental state to look after. As you can see I started gambling from a young age and the problem has progressed somewhat to the point where I can lose many thousands of dollars in one hit. I should say my demon is the casino. It is astonishing how much I manage to gamble and risk and let’s face it I’m not rich or a high income earner, I am just an average Joe blow trying to make his way in life. I have two jobs because I choose to but I now have a gambling debt that needs to be paid off so the choice of one or two jobs is taken away.
      I like to think off myself as an intelligent person but when I gamble to excess I think I am the stupidest person going round. I wish there was a pill you could take that would cure you of this disease. Only hard work will get me through.
      The feelings from my last indiscretion are still raw but I am thankful I have my dad who is helping me through it again. I am holidays visiting him with my beautiful family and thank my lucky stars for what I have got. My old man is a reformed gambler and knows what I am going through, I hope to emulate his deeds one day and lead a clean life.
      I know what some of you are thinking, does his wife know, well not this time. I couldn’t do it to her as we are on holidays and I didn’t want to ruin it. I have decided not to tell her and fix it with your help and my dad’s. Some of you will think that is wrong but I don’ t want to put her through it again and I will become a reformed gambler with help from my new friends.
      I have read many of your stories and gain a lot of hope from them, some of them are so inspirational. I have a plan to get me out of the mess I have created once again, first is to ban myself from the casino, second is to work hard and keep busy and pay off my debt, third is to quit my second job as it is wearing thin. I plan to have this done within a year which at the moment seems like a long time but I have had 30 of these years so one more won’t hurt. The other big plan in my life which I will channel my efforts into is starting up my own little business with a friend. We have plans to get it rolling in the next six months, I am really excited, sick of working that second job and making money for the boss when I can do it myself. I love my first job so I will stick with that one.
      Anyway here is to the road to recovery, I need to remember this time when I feel strong about the gambling that I am still vulnerable and will forever be a recovering gambler. I have tried the counselling option and GA and although it works for a while it is just not for me, I need to find different ways to stop the gambling, which I will.
      Thanks for listening

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      Hi SBT, really pleased to hear your update, it’s really encouraging that you’re getting on with life and I hope your teams have a cracking season in that unfathomable sport of yours ****** Rules.  

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      Hi SBT! I was just catching up on your thread and I have to say that you have done an amazing job of racking up those gamble free days. You inspire me and give me hope that we can all arrest this nasty gambling addiction. Your Dad must be so proud of you, as you should be. Happy Recovery Day! Carole

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