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      Hello all,
      I had decided to join this forum after tonight,  I have been with my boyfriend for about 2 years, he has been gambling for as long as he could remember.  He did time in prison for forgery and some other "not so great" things.  When we met, he was doing well and going to meetings. 
      I am not sure what triggered it all to start again but he doesn’t go to meetings anymore, wastes time on on-line OTB’s and we have been fighting so much, that I cannot stand it.
      I do have one other thing to say, I came from a home full of addictions, so I know the routines and the tricks…..I just can’t figure this one out on my own anymore. and I need someone to listen to me and give me some feedback, because he won’t and my friends and family are getting sick of listening to me.
      Thank you all…..Hope to be hearing from some of you soon.

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