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    Just another twenty pounds
    A small amount I know it sounds
    But then I lose so bet again
    Causing twice the hunger pain
    Before I know its eighty quid
    I should have stopped before I did
    So now another desperate week
    My gambling urge has reached its peak
    Every time I have some cash
    I think I can increase my stash
    And so the cycle starts again
    Loss by loss increase the pain
    When will all this madness end
    I have no money left to spend
    Living on a slippery slope
    I need this forum for some hope
    To realise I am not alone
    A pebble in a pile of stones
    So please give me a little thought
    And teach me what you all were taught

    Thank you.


    Nice poem Riverdaleboy
    Its the first bet that kills us
    This forum has helped me like nothing has before
    It makes me sad
    But I need to be on here every day
    Stay strong

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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