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      I must confess
      I was in unsafe hands…
      My own.
      To go back and do it the right way
      Or not at all.
      It’s a deep deep hole
      Then on top.. the
      … shame
      The icing on the sh*t cake
      I see everything
      I only wanted one thing…
      My mistake.
      Now who will get her a latte
      HOW CAN IT BE SO HARD TO GET SOME GENUINE unconditional love and a loan at the same time
      Working together without castigation
      In my imagination was a top fantasy,
      It’s not the money
      It’s the control…. Don’t you see?
      Every last penny
      Can thousands be recouped
      What is money anyway
      It’s a token
      All this stress over a token lost
      Then eternity to count the cost…. better spent is time with the right person… One not wrapped up in himself.

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      I cannot see, remember how to post a poem so I shall use the reply box.

      It’s not about the money
      It’s about forgetting
      Imagining a different reality
      one in which WE ALWAYS WIN
      A contented, organised, secure life with the notion of being IN CONTROL

      It’s not about the winning
      It’s about the losing really
      When we have nothing left our pockets match the emptiness in our hearts
      Then we snap awake from the walking dream to find ourselves stranded yet back to square one
      Square one is familiar territory
      We know,, what to do here.
      We breathe, we cry, we dream of doing better some day soon. Next time.
      Over three years I’ve waited for him
      As if gambling isn’t punishment enough
      I have a plan. Plan B for the plan B
      Working towards ascendance
      If the people we loved truly listened there would be no corner for poetry
      There would be very little misery
      Hello victim mode, introducing moi
      A paid up member of pity me anonymous
      Readers you indulge me terribly and I thank you for it, truly x

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      Dark Energy

      hi losttwat
      nice words, keep it up.

      “As if gambling isn’t punishment enough” life is hard enough with all its suffering and adding gambling to it makes it unbearable.. but we have to live it and keep fighting.

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