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    On the train, yet again
    No gambling thoughts in my brain
    Back to London, back to work.
    This responsible life I must not shirk.
    I used to hitch-hike everywhere
    A twisted gambler, who had no cares
    Often from the casino, quietly sobbing
    Sweating profusely, with my feet madly throbbing
    When I was hitching, my twisted plan was
    To deceive, lie and cheat from the drivers of cars
    From city to city and from town to town
    For ever the optimist, even when down.
    Anyway I digress; it’s nice on the train
    I’m really very pleased, that I don’t need to hitch hike again.
    Don’t get me wrong, Ive used trains before
    But usually in them days I had to hide on the floor.
    Now these days I don’t need to hide
    I always purchase an advance ticket to ride
    Travelling in style is really quite nice
    The only downfall is the extortionate price.
    But in those hitch-hiking days
    My life was in pieces
    So I’ll stick with the train
    Despite price increases.Recovery is priceless.

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