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    First off excuse spelling as on an old wreck of a phone due to this awful addiction. Half screen black cant see what I am doing. Which is a fitting description for this too. Only in hindsight can I see what foolish and destructive begting I am indulging in and by then it is too late. Approachning 19 years now I have lived a half life and hurt people I love as well as myself and not lived up to my own warped sense of values . I currently sit alone wondering how I will get through the next week having spent all I have and borowing I call it money from a venture I am involved in. Not much but thats not the point . I hope this site can help as I am tired of feeling like this and life is ok if not enjoyal when I am not gambling . So thats me and I am a compulsive gambler . Dont let an addiction define who you are.  Make sure you can define what it is your addicted to.

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