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      Hi there, I know the thinking behind making the open groups shorter was so people would log in together.. Before if you knew someone was about because they had been posting, or if you had someone’s email address, you could arrange for a chat.. This is now difficult because when I check the groups the are almost over so little point in contacting people.
      I think we needed more open group not less. Just my opinion!!

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      Hi happy68, were running a trial to see what’s what. The idea behind this is that by having less groups people may log in at the “start” resulting in a therapeutic chat. So far the uptake has been better than previous groups clusters.

      As I said this is just a trial, were look at the data at the end of the month to formulate what we hope is best for the members but please keep the comments coming they all help us build a picture of requirements

      Take Care


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      Another thing to consider is sometimes two or three people could get together and support each but now groups will probably be bigger so although more people in them it might be a case of quantity before quality. Again I am just writing my thoughts … I may well be completely off the mar.. I seem to be the only person who comments on this forum . Lol

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      HI there, I am going to flag this up again.

      I’m not sure what your statistics are showing , and let’s face it we all can read what we want from statistics, but I feel we need longer open groups.
      I am thinking of a dear friend I have lost touch with since the groups changed and she has slipped.
      While the moderator groups might be busier , it is often mostly with the same people..
      It was a great facility to be able to link up with others around the world at odd times, which doesn’t really work anymore as when u connect the group is just about to close.

      Please look at this again. I think lack of open groups affects the frequency with which people are using the forums and also the friendships which people form.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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