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    Hi everyone hope we had a good xmas….I think i may have been a little mis-understood with my replies in chat today, the orginal question was what do we want in life, followed by what makes us tick….My instant reply was money.This to me was a serious reply, i went on saying that my success is based on money and the more i have the more succesfull i am.This due to myself being self-empolyed, and my success is basicly revolved around money, the more i have earnt shows the dedication and effort put in. Anyway in the next few sentances i am not bragging just showing my past and addiction, 10 years ago i was lucky enough to have a job where i could earn in 1 day what an average person earnt in a month, i worked hard for this endless hours, problem being i had an addiction and at the end of each day would spend all my money i had earnt so looking back was just pointless my buisness moneywise, but on saying that i still have the ideas (new ideas) which need acting on now in the present before sum1 else thinks of the ideas i have .What do i need to do differently, well as i said this time i need to manage money better, i never needed to win money but felt like i always needed more! i still need more now but realizing it will come in time if thats what i desire. Someone mensioned about judging myself on the finances i have, i do this all the time but mainly on what i could have had.My personal life and my buisness life are as one and always will overlap each other, after all if i do not work i do not get payed!
    Basicly in my life i want the money, not so much as it will make me happy the actual money, but to proove to myself that i still got that lil bit of magic that makes me tick over, the ideas, the flamboyency, the actions to acheive, the thoughts, the IVE STILL GOT IT lol, but most im portantly this time to do it all and more without gambleing.
    I am driven by success i see my dad and want to acheive what he has in life,(like father like son scenario)
    Hoping i have’nt gone on to much and it makes sence lol, i do have problems getting things out that sound right!
    take care everyone
    jayjay xxxx

    oh and happy gamble free new year!


    Just gotta say i love money- it is wonderful.
    I dont measure my worth compared to what is in my account tho.
    But hey it is a tangible measure- sometimes spirituality- characteristics etc etc is less of an easily measured value than money- so easy to see how people measure their worth with money.
    So long as youre happy and healthy- thats whats important

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