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      Until the GT Team can fix the glitch that is “aging” our current posts, you can append your response by clicking on the purple “Reply” button at the bottom of (and WITHIN) the last ‘post box’ on the thread instead of using the “Add New Comment” boxes.

      I tested this a couple of times and each time I used “Add New Comment” to post on my thread, my comments showed up stuck in between two posts on 5/03/2013. When I clicked on the purple “Reply” button within the last ‘post box’ on my thread, it showed up in the correct chronology (at the end of the thread where it belonged).

      I personally do not want to start a new thread, and I suspect there are others who feel the same, so I hope this will work for all of us until they get this glitch fixed.

      I admit I was very frustrated at first with everything, but I am becoming more familiar with it, and beginning to see the potential for some really cool things our new site. I know the GT Team has worked very hard on this and I appreciate them very much for it.

      However, I definitely intend to utilize the “Feedback and Suggestions” forum (down below this forum) ALOT during this bumpy transition – and I hope everyone else will too!

      Adele 🙂

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      I am adding this to keep this information at the top. I also tried new comments and it goes out of order, but if you hit the reply then it stays in order.

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      This is really helpful. We are working on this glitch at the moment, I hope it will be fixed soon!

      New threads and “replies” to comments seem to be working fine. The problem is with new comments on old threads.

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      We think that we have fixed this now, but please do feed back if you continue to experience problems 🙂
      Thanks for your help and your patience.

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      With this glitch being fixed can you now help me find my topic “Day Two is Still a Day Away”. Thanks Larry

      p.s. What is the : “Leave this field blank” for?

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      Hi Larry, can you leave this with me…. im looking for a few posts, yours is top of the list.. Ill post here when I have more info. Unfortunately the migration from one forum to another is a complicated process that doesn’t always have the desired outcome …. but were do all we can



Viewing 5 reply threads
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