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    I just wanted to say how much I appreciate it when members post on the threads of others.   I recently felt unwell and wrote a couple of times that I would ‘write tomorrow’.  When I came back others had written and I would love to have left them with the last word.
    I had promised to write though so I did and then the final post is Velvet ‘again’.   However sometimes I look at the forum and just see a string of Velvets and think ‘I wish she would shut up!’
    Please keep writing to each other.   This site is my passion but I am not employed to write on the forum.   I am only ‘one’ though and you are many. 
    This is a wonderful site, even if its sheer existence comes only as the result of something terrible.  Turning a bad experience into something good, a great education even, is what this forum aims to do.   I applaud each and every person that starts a thread – the first one is the hardest.  
    Every time you are happy it is revenge against the addiction to gamble.   Every smile is a ‘win’.


    Maybe this will make you feel better now that you aren’t the final post on this thread – ha ha.
    Personally,  I love to log on and see a “string of Velvets”,   so please …  don’t ever shut up!
    (By the way, just what are you employed to do for Gambling Therapy if it is not to be our advisor in this forum?)
    I’m very glad that it is a good thing to post on other’s threads because,  even though it isn’t easy sometimes,  I seem to be doing it more and more.   And I always, always appreciate it when someone posts on my thread.
    I do try and be careful when I post on others so it does not appear that I am telling someone what they should do – which is hard for me!  And I try not to define someone else’s experience by comparing it to my own – which is also hard for me.   
    But I have learned so much about this addiction – especially from this site, and I have received invaluable support here, so now I think it is important for my own recovery to offer my support to others.    
    I usually post when something has moved me,  so while writing more objectively on someone else’s thread I have experienced any number of realizations for my own situation.  I think that is just one reason this site is so helpful and I am beginning to understand your passion for it Velvet.
    As always V,  thank you for being there for us.   And thank you GT for allowing us to be there for each other.
    "… should I give up or should I just keep trying to run after you when there’s nothing there?"  Adele– 6/5/2013 9:30:12 PM: post edited by adele.


    As Adele, I agree that reading a string of posts from you, Velvet, is comforting and lovely. Actually,…I agree with almist everything Adele just wrote. Haha…
    I hope you are feeling better physically and that I can manage a chat later today!
    P.s. Sending you and Adele a big cyberhug!


    *****  my dear velvet
    I agree too with everything adele and berber wrote …..everything
    when I  connect to the site and I  see “velvet post”  to all the members  is a relief  and believe me I feel very very good . I feel peace. You are the light in this forum and your words and post are priceless and without you and your knowledge I wouldn’t be here.
    Please  take care your health and yourself you are so precious  here !


    Hi Guys
    I’d like to interject here and just add that Velvet is only one person and she is only human.  She can not be all things to all people and this is YOUR community too so please support each other and do not rely on one person to do all the supporting for you.
    Thanks for reading


    Hi (((Velvet)))
    All I can say is that you have such wisdom and when we get a post from you it feels special.  I do realize that you are only one person and it is difficult, actually impossible to write on everyones posts!!!!  I know that you try to do so much for everyone.  I have this voice in my head that comes from you and it says "why not go for a gamble free life".  I am glad to say that it is something that I am working towards, but I had not really thought that way until you posted it for me.  I was working on getting to and beating my longest stretch of gamble free time.  I am again at 7 months gamble free which is where I got to before, however, I also know that I am the same distance away as everyone else from placing my next bet.  Thanks Velvet for your magic touch!!!
     One day at a time my sweet lord…

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