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    Crystal Waters

    l don’t wanna cry

    dont wanna cry,

    nothin I can do to stop this hurting inside …

    feed me , feed me , says the magnet in my chest 

    drawing in, every desire, dream and notion.. riding

    it like a strong black dragon , swelling up like a river that sweeps away every last possession

    All while the tiny people chuckled in comrodary

    alongside the riverbank, not a care in the world , watching get their homes get carried away 

    I surrendered. Roll onto my back, allowed the river to carry me to a new land 

    Bumping up against the shore


    drinking the in the holy water and green mountains 

    Sun shining down on me

    lifting my chin up, twilight 

    shooting across the sky like stars 

    a symphony of hope

    for a better life a better way

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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