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      Compulsive Gambling can in itself be isolating.  We gamble alone, we have money issues so we can’t afford to socialise etc.  Isolation is not good for a compulsive gambler, in recovery I would always advise against it.

      Now though many of us might not have much choice.  This virus thing is getting serious.  Those with underlying health issues are likely to be asked to self-isolate or socially distance themselves.  Possibly for several weeks, maybe even months. 

      If this is likely to apply to you, it does to me, then plan for it.  No I’m not talking about all the madness of stockpiling toilet rolls!  Im talking about getting in some good books, magazines, crossword/suduko puzzle books, jig saw puzzles, maybe art/craft materials.  Subscribe to Netflix or Amazon etc I’m getting in stuff for a few gardening projects.  I might even start that novel I have always thought/talked about. We all have our own interests, make plans accordingly.

      Barriers are going to be very important as well.  Get that blocker for your devices.  Make sure you can’t use your credit/debit cards to gamble online.  If you are a sports gambler then the good news is that there might not be much sport for a while!  Don’t let your addiction tempt you with another form though.

      Don’t just wait for it to happen – plan for it.  Like anything else in recovery, if we plan for it we are better placed to deal with it. 

      Stay safe in every sense of the word.

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      This is very true, without even realizing it, I was sitting at home alone last night and the gamble bug snuck up trying to get me because of boredom and loneliness. I took several deep breaths and reminded myself not today that won’t help anything. Then turned on my Xbox and watched a movie and it passed.


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      Good day Charles Great points made on self isolation yes there fears and panic among everyone globally it is very serious and we all need to do our part by being conscious about our well being and the welfare of loves one’s. Yes this too shall soon pass and everyone are going to start being living and having a great time.
      For now primary focus is self care self healing self recovery and to care for those close to us and family as well. To all on this forum please take all the precautions to be more healthy and start living your good life now and moving forward.
      Thank you Charles for the information based above.

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      Ok, so things are progressing and advice on self isolating and social distancing is getting stronger.

      This might effect our ability to connect to our usual support groups; I know in my area of at least 4 GA meetings that have closed. Venues might be closing or attendances might drop to make meetings nonviable. If we do have meetings available then we may feel unable to attend due to self isolation/social distancing, especially those of us with underlying health issues.

      If you are unable to connect with your usual support, GA or otherwise, then use alternatives. This site, post more, connect to groups or the Helpline. There are other sites as well – pop into a Monday or Thursday evening|(UK time) group and I can point you in their direction, The helpline will be able to help with this as well.

      This looks like it is going to go on for a while so I will make this a sticky at the top of the forum.

      Use support, stay safe.

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      You are absolutely right Charles. Start a project, I dont know, read a book,clean your home, there are lots of things to do.

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      Hello I am new to this site. Not quite sure how to navigate it well or where I should be posting so just gonna try here.

      I am a problem gambler . Have been for over 15 years. I am 33 years old. I battle major depression and gambling was originally an outlet and escape from that but once it got hold of it tightened its grip.

      I am still currently gambling. I never bet sports until this last year and now I am deep with some bad people. I hide all this from my wife which makes things even worse.

      I have tried stopping many times once for almost 6 months! But always thought I will be able to control it. But there is no controlling it. I am a monster when I am losing. Some of my friends who have seen it cannot believe it is the same person. Completely embarrassing and shameful.

      I really don’t know where to turn but know I need to start somewhere.

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      Hi Jordan, welcome to the Forum and well done on looking for help.

      You will work out the navigation. if you scroll to the bottom of the forum and click on “New Topic” you can start your own thread and start getting support. You will get a lot of feedback and support. Here on this thread though it may be that it will be less noticed so I do recommend starting your own.

      You can stop gambling, you have done it before. Read the other stories here, you will see a lot that you will relate to. You will also see the success stories, what are they doing that you can apply to your own situation?

      Where are you currently gambling? Can you get yourself excluded? You will read how barriers help. We also have live support groups, “Open” groups are unmoderated, check them out but there isn’t always anyone there. All the over type of groups have a facilitator though, so there is always someone there to talk to. We also have a one to one helpline and there are a lot of support tools on the Gambling Therapy App as well.

      Keep posting but please start your own thread, when you have done that I will also copy this advice down to it.

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      I’m Jon
      Been looking to connect with some people on here for support.. can’t seem to find someone to communicate with.
      If you read this and have time please try to find me
      Thank you

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      Hi Jon, well done on looking for help.

      If you scroll to the bottom of this forum and click on New Topic you can start your own thread.  You would get a lot of feedback and support there.

      If you click on Support Groups you we I’ll see that you can talk to others real time.  Open Groups are unmoderated do sometimes you might find the group empty.  All other types of group of AVE a facilitator in so there is always someone to talk to there.

      I look forward to reading your story and hopefully see you in a group soon.

      You can stop gambling I promise you.

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      Ok, I was not even thinking of not gambling, during isolation, ntil my bf said how it’s been the longest I haven’t gambled. I have not paid any money to gamble or games today. It’s is the least I can say I hope I helped someone, because I am sure those casinos are reopening. I’m thankful for my bf, and he is thankful too. So, I am not paying any casino, lotto, or play club, not even solitaire. Eh? I need time to heal, I’m hurting from this .No apps, no when I’m online, I may have been on a secluded island with my device, electricity, and internet. I am disabled 9% in my hand, and somehow I use gambling as the easiest activity I can find. I’m going to start reading more of the forum, and participating, that way. I know I’m being heard, I want to be another person, a new person, and a genuine human being, and not selfisolating in isolation. Thankyou, my friends, I like you.

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      I see comments so I thought I would put my tow cents in. Hi I am Chris and have been with the group for about a month and I am very happy to say it has help save my money over the Virus peiod, However the Virus still exists in the USA at least. I am very blessed to have met some great people on this sight that have helped me and this website as a whole. Thank You Chris Texas

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      I feel also so alone because this isolation kills me inside

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