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    Hi Members

    Thank you for taking an interest in helping Gambling Therapy assess the way we develop and deliver our English language groups to make the best use of the resources available to us.

    Please consider the following points when completing the short questionnaire:

    1. Recovery is a change – and change requires flexibility in the way we act and think. How flexible can you be in the times you could be available to attend a group?

    2. Providing access to groups on a 24/7 basis may be what you feel you want, but it is important to be realistic with finding a balance between sleeping, eating and working.

    3. Please only complete this questionnaire once.

    4. Please submit times in BST (British Summer Time). To convert your local time to BST you can use the tool on this page:

    5. This questionnaire is to assess delivery of English language groups only.

    We will close this questionnaire on June 19th 2017.

    Please do drop in on the “Meeting Place” area of the forum where members can post when they are attending a group and would like others to join them.

    Thanks for your time. Your answers will be collated and will inform the future development of the groups.

    Please follow this link to complete our questionare

    Kind regards


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