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      ken l

      Quote of the Week
      "What other people think of me is
      none of my business."
      What a revolutionary concept this was the first time I heard it. So revolutionary, in fact, that I had a hard time believing it might be true. So much of my identity, how I felt about myself, my moods, all were dependent on what other people thought and said about me that it was almost impossible to disentangle myself.
      As I began to recover in Al-Anon, I soon came to see that this was clearly my problem and actually didn’t have anything at all to do with other people. What I was lacking was a clear sense of self, and I was responsible for either developing it or continuing to give it away. Recognizing it was up to me gave me the power to change it.
      After much work, practice, and support, I have come to see the truth and freedom this quote offers. Today I take ownership of how I feel about myself, and I take actions based on a valid and worthwhile sense of self. Today I know that other people have ideas and opinions about me, but it’s my own thoughts and opinions about me that matter most. 

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