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      Hi Everyone
      Just wanted to say I have been tempted this week by the great advertising around race meets
      Also when you hear someone wins over £1m doesnt that sound appealing!
      Well I have had a great week so far with work and thought why not try a wager on a horse….
      But I didnt I stopped right there and decided to post about my temptation instead.
      You see getting caught in the web again would ruin over 6 weeks hard work, it is much harder to stop every time you start again – trust me!!!
      Its a will power thing and every day I dont gamble I am less likely to EVER gamble again.
      Hope this helps someone.
      Hi Sam, Ive edited certain section to help others who may have found certain sections a trigger for them.– 17/03/2011 15:15:17: post edited by harry.

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