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      Just recently found out how bad my husband’s gambling problem is. I feel so low, so depressed. I will help him get over it but right now I can’t even handle my own feelings. He wiped out everything I have been working so hard for. Been lying to me every day for 6 months. Stealing from me, selling my jewelry, using our money to pay for bills. He hit rock bottom & seems to have had some realization. He has promised to stop & see a therapist. He wants to find a job & change his life. I will support him. He understands that I won’t be giving him access to any of our money. Since I’ve forgiven him and encouraged him, he seems to be happy and keeps telling me how much he loves me & how he could never live without me. I’m writing here because I just feel so depressed. Despite his promises, I fear he will relapse and I can’t get over how he disposed of all my jewelry & got us into deep debt. He was out of a job the past few months so I have been the one providing. I worked so so hard & I believed we were doing well because I was bringing in so much money. So I’m just so dismayed that I worked that hard for nothing! We have 3 kids. We’re just renting our home and now we have to move because he gambled away the rent money I was giving him to pay the landlady. I can’t believe this is happening. I don’t really have anyone to talk to about how I feel & I’m trying to act strong for him so he will remain positive. Honestly though I just want to curl in bed and not wake up.

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