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      yeah -doing it hard-it 2am-CANT SLEEP-nothing in fridge-and cant get to atm until 9am-then i get some milk for my coffee and my weeties–doing my penance hard for losing all last nite-it stale bread and water only at home–and my pet rock giving me the silent treatment for losing so much–but to be fair-the venue always give me free orange juice to make sure i dont lift my backside off  my seat–soon they give napkins so i dont waste time in urinal and keep their wheels turning..but i am told certain nationality in our casino not blue eyed anglo saxon like me bring  their own napkins to wear and leave their kids locked in car for police to rescue–now i pretty bad-but i not that bad -YET. but must admit i do wet myself constantly when i realize what i just lost–actually i **** myself -poop -if censored
      can you believe in australia one venue has creche for kids–that way mum can wave and smile to the kids through window as merrily loses her ole mans pay packet–and when he arrives home FOR NO DINNER tells him she had her purse stolen–thats true but not to ali BABA-BUT thats better than search and rescue abandoned children locked in cars in 40 degrees heat melbourne australia having to smash windows and awake a child if still alive.
      yes pokie machines and casinos are wonderful entertainment centres and with creche we can teach them now from the cradle to be worse than their addiction started after divorce not before-so my kids now married escaped such indoctrination let alone anticipated addiction to come. it only my childrens ole man they worry about–but i ok-i have my coffee and weeties tomorrow- for dinner-12 hours lateget a life-or get stuffed well and truly by a poker machine

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