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    I think we need a group for people who are doing well in recovery but maybe still need extra support . The other groups often have a person in crisis (not criticising – it was often me ) and the people who want to talk about a difficult patch in their recovery don’t alway manage To get the support they need . It’s kind of similar to if U post u are doing really well u might get a response or two . If you post you had lost your months wages everyone offers you advice .

    It’s good that people do this but staying in recovery is really hard at times too.. And it might be nice to have a group just for those people . After all no matter how long we are in recovery we are still compulsive gamblers ..


    Hi Sad, as your aware we run various groups, The 5 groups below are accessible to all members whom gamble irrespective of how long they have been in recovery.

    1. Drop in – All Members Welcome
    2. Topic Group
    3. Problem Gamblers Therapy Group
    4. Problem Gamblers Peer Support Group
    5. Open Group

    The following groups are for designed for specific members.

    1. Ex-Residents Group (only available to those whom have been through the Gordon Moody Association Programme of which you could use if you so wish to complete the GMA programme )
    2. New Members Practical Advice (is there to discuss barriers and stratagies for members who have been active for 1 year or less)
    3. Friends & Family Peer Support (is a safe place for family members to talk about these issues)

    Kind Regards


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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