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    Day four after a crazy week which was the tipping point in weeks of gambling prior, today I feel a lot of pain still, I mean worried as to the reaction of my family when they find out the car has gone, one crazy distortion of a day led me to going on a mad at gambling binge, chasing my losses and trying to recoup the money back and make more for myself, I woke up first day of couldn’t wait to get online, I remember it wasn’t even fun, I was worried and my head was full of fear and panic,, and my stakes we’re getting bigger my thoughts were non existent I was betting on anything just hoping, 9k was now four, I realised the time was up but still carried on, and I’m in trouble now anyway may as well lose the rest, the darkest last he, my neck red and white my head sweating is this a dream I can’t believe what I have done, thoughts of the the last year or so which have good memories will soon be gone, and all my hard work for nothing, I’m still struggling to come to terms with what I have done, shame guilt and runs through me by the minute…….

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