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    I do appreciate that GT has the right to remove posts or other comments that are deemed to be inappropriate. However for whatever reason posts/threads are removed would it not be prudent to explain to the author why a particular post/thread has been removed?


    To be honest Geordie , I sometimes think that the feedback and suggestions forum is to just tick a box as often it seems to be ignored , answered with a promise to look into things (with no evidence this ever happens ) and now it seems deleted . I think most people have given up posting on there because there is little point but that is just how it appears to me . An example is the times of the open groups have been raised a few times with no change . I guess I will be deleted too !


    Hi Geordie

    To the best of my knowledge only blatant spam and posts in breach of the terms & conditions have been removed and certainly none from you… Can you come and talk to me in case we have an issue I’m unaware of?

    Regarding the “open groups”. I-did-it, do you have multiple usernames? I’ve searched the forums from the date you joined and can only find one thread that you’ve commented on that has any bearing on “Open groups” in which Charles clearly answered you

    Kind Regards



    I will Harry but at my Mams will get in touch over the next few days, cheers.


    Sorry Harry – it seems you have misread Again. I said open groups have been raised but did not say by me . I have read it in other threads . Why am I feeling personally attacked for commenting ? Does GT not like constructive criticism ?

    Ps thank u for taking the time to single out my thread with such diligence and post a link to it .


    Hi I-Did-It

    If you’d like to discuss open groups then please feel free to contact me on the helpline Monday to Fri 09:30 > 16:00 but as it stands the comments made below explain our rationale

    Below is a reply made in relation to our reduction of groups

    “The reason we’ve cut down on the amount of groups we run is because we found people didn’t know when anyone else would be present and they kept “missing “each other. Even when we added the “meeting place” forum we found people didn’t really use it to arrange a time to chat with others so the problem persisted.

    We felt that if we reduced the groups to cover a shorter time people would know when to log in and would be more likely to catch people they know.

    We’re open to new ideas so if you think you may have a solution which will allow us to provider longer…but still effective coverage at weekends, please let us know 🙂


    Later in the week I’ll be adding a questionare asking for member to say which times suit. From that Ill reasses the groups

    Were always open to suggestions. However 8 hour open groups has proven not to work

    Kind regards


    Thank you for replying Harry – I agree that eight hours is probably too much – however they are on so late now – ten o clock and twelve o clock usually ( and yes you are right it is easier to remember less groups ) that to get to them means missing out on sleep. I also think maybe a few consecutive hours would be good so if u join a little later there is time to chat-that’s just my opinion of course- others may differ . I do however use the open groups quite a lot ( but am often very tired in the morning !)
    I think a questionnaire is an excellent idea and I did read Janey’s comments when the groups were first changed. I thought it was a bad and rather silly idea then to put groups on so late and I still do. The meeting place simply does not work!
    I am glad GT are consulting their “clients” now . It is good to trial new things but then listen to feedback and review.
    I don’t feel I need to discuss this in a group – this is what this forum is for – but thank you anyway for the invite .

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