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      Hi everyone I am really happy I have found this site and so many people are in the same boat as me! My problem is I have an addiction to the roulette machines in the bookies and it is really having a serious impact on my life. I am sure this has been posted hundreds of times but the worrying thing for me is I am only 18 and already over the past couple of years I have lost thousands of pounds on these dreaded things.
      It all started when I was about 16 I nicked my brothers passport for ID and managed to put my first bet on the football and guess what… I lost. However betting on football is not the problem. One of the days I was putting on a football coupon and I watched an older boy who I knew take £1500 out of the roulette machine. In seeing this, I decided to give it a go myself. At first I was putting in £10 and maybe getting it upto £30 and at that time I would be delighted with that. But as time went on £10 in became £20 then £40 then £80 before I knew it in one day I was loosing upto £500!! I do work full time but my wage is probably below average making around £1000 a month! As I still live with my mum and dad most of my income is disposable except for £200 a month I pay for my car insurance. As a result I could go into town on the saturday after being paid on the Friday and literally blow my whole wage on these things leavin me barely surviving for the rest of the month and having to use short term loans like wonga to keep me going. I even wrote myself cheques from my parents cheque book to get me through the month what kind of person steals money from their own family!!!!
      Today (Monday) I currently have £78 to get me through till the 31st August after getting paid on friday! This has happened so many times and I have said I am never gambling again or going on the machines but something always pulls me back that I cannot control! This is why I want to put a stop to this once and for all! I think my parents are beginning to become suspicious of where all my money is going and I really dont want them to know what I have become I am so embarrassed and ashamed!
      I know I am addicted I think it’s good that I finally have come to terms with it at times I have just say in my room in tears after loosing so much money but now I am putting and end to it and try to defeat this demon and hopefully this site will help me! I am going to attend a GA meeting on Wednesday and hopefully I will get through this. I need to sort my life out and start saving my money instead of spunking it all into these robbing b*******!
      I was just wondering how anyone with the same problem as me overcame the infamous roulette machines?
      I am only 18 remember that is what is scaring me most and why I am seeking help any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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      ***** Owen. Welcome to GT!
      Well done for posting your story. Well done for reaching deep down, realising what’s going on ain’t normal and that you want a better life. I know that at GA you will find a bunch of folks who have walked in your shoes and really will wish you every success in recovery.
      I hear that you don’t wish to be honest with those close to you. I won’t tell you what to do but I will share what I’ve learned. My addiction wants to remain secret. My addiction thrives in secrecy and dishonesty. The more I am open and honest with ppl around me, the more it hurts my addiction, not me. I am happier, healthier and thriving in recovery now that I have stopped hiding and *****. Noone judges me. They have concern for my welfare but they do not judge. They help me. Gosh, I wish I could put this in words better. I just know that since I’ve been honest with ppl that I cannot gamble, I am happier.
      Take care Owen. Wishing you all the best in your recovery.

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      i would recommend you see a counselor, they can really help you to overcome this addiction. you have to realise that you are a compulsive gambler, as a matter of fact, anyone who gambles loses, just in our case we go back again and again losing more and more, you didnt know this when you started but i am telling you right now. don’t look at everyone gambling, even just for a little fun, how is it fun when you lose all your money. is it really worth it? you can easily have fun doing other things, i learnt one thing as i was bored and lonely and in alot of physical and mental pain, happiness or paradise is inside of us, we don’t have to go anywhere but be where we are right now, and have that state  of mind like it is that last we do on earth. heaven is not a place in the skies, it is at the core of our being, and we can think positively and feel positive right now this very instant, it is within our reach, and we can make it a habit to connect to this feeling, we don’t need to go out trying to find it, but it is present in this moment, although we experience discompfort and pain, in our minds we can reach happiness. i am saying this because, i was craving excitement and fun when i gambled, i thought i had to go to the casino to induce a feeling of happiness, that is not neccessary, i didn’t know that at the time. but believe me it’s true. hope you recover, and make it into recovery. be clean, you are too young.

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      Hi Owen, A Warm Welcome to Gambling Therapy
      Having found us you have also found a diverse community who can help and support you on your recovery journey.
      Here on the forum you can share your experiences in a safe, supportive and non-judgemental environment and by reading others stories am sure you will see that you are very much not alone in this addiction
      Please click here to see our services page, feel free to use all that this site can offer…
      To chat with others in real time you may wish to make use of the support groups, the ***** of these groups are advertised under "What’s on and When" or click here to see the weekly group schedule.
      For one to one chat you may want to try the live advice helpline. Click "connect" when these options become available.
      Also to say when you registered we would have sent you an email with an attachment, this attachment will help you navigate the site and find the support you so rightly deserve, alternatively this guide can be downloaded by clicking here.  
      Take Care
      HarryWatch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions; they become habits. Watch your habits; they become character. Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.

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      Hi owen,

      welcome to GT.
      like you, i was so worried about my actions in gambling compulsively as i am only 19.
      However, its good that you realized that you have a problem and is attempting to seek help.
      You must realize that you can no longer trust yourself in gambling responsibly.
      Hopefully, you would ban yourself from those places or maybe call and talk to someone when the urges come.
      Talking to someone before going to gamble really helps and reminds you of what you are really doing.

      All the best.

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