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    i dont know what to do what move to make. i feel like all i can do is withdraw and stay faithful to God’s
    plans. how desperate i am for things back to normal. i wish everything goes back to normal.
    my fiance is a closet gambler abf i dont know whats going on. we do not live together but
    we were supposed to get married this april but its not gonna happen anymore
    because of his CG. i wanna be with him. i wanna be careful with the decisions i make
    i want to take care of our relationship. but it seems im the only one doing that.
    I feel so helpless because to me his gambling does not exist because
    i dont see him everyday 24/7. its all a picture i could imagine. i wanna be able to talk to people
    or F&f of CG who are within my area. how can things ever improve. do i fight for us while i can
    with all my patience and hope? but is this really doing me or us good…
    im really exhausted and hopeless. why did this have to happen to me….

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