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      I have been gambling for 5 years now on the playing roulette fobt machines. I gamble alone.My problem has ended one 5 year relationship when the debt mounted up and we couldn t afford to live together and its happening all again after three years together the longest i stopped playing for is like four months. I gave my girlfriend my card and she gave me money when i needed it and it was going well until my last pay day just past after she allowed me to take my bank card. Something just riggered in me and i found myself back in front of fobt machine in two days i had spent nearly my whole months pay took out two payday loans and stole £90 that was a kitty for our flat with none of my bills paid at all. The **** spectacularly hit the fan in what i can one of the worst relapses i have had. I cant forgive myself im not a nice person I have mood swings feel helpless i get board when im not gambling. Dont really socialise with friends much and my family have there own problems.Im under tremendous pressure and cant dea with the stressl.Its true what they say you lose your life then you lose you wife. Is there anyone who can give me some adviceI have a gambling problem and i am in the process of recovering from it sucessfully

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