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      morning all. It feels good to take that first step, but my next step is informing my partner what I have done. This I am about to do tonight. This is not the first time I have gone way over my head. I hope this will be the last. I hope my partner can for give me a second time? I am about to loose his confindence, trust and probably everything else I have work so hard for the past 16 yrs. I am so scared. I have used my credit card to finance online gambling and paid for it by my paychecks. I did win a huge amount of money, even paid off card and had cash left over. This was not good enough I wanted more. After a few months I have withdrawn $6000. from our acct. and also $8200 from our bus. acct. I am the lowest of lows.Life is too short, we must savour the moment.

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